MLM - Pet Peeves

Rachelle gave this topic a couple weeks ago, but I'm a slow poke.

My Pet Peave (because I really just have one big one):

1. When normal employees use the family bathroom instead of the regular restroom. Umm, I've got 2, 3, and 5 year old kids who have to go NOW, and you are in the family bathroom? Explain to me why you couldn't use one of the ten stalls in the regular restroom? It's call a FAMILY bathroom for a reason. If there is a physical need that person has in using that restroom, that's different - it's also a very special needs accessable restroom - so I totally understand that. Its just that almost EVERY time I go to one of the stores that offers a family restroom, we have to wait for 5+ minutes for the restroom - and when the person comes out, they are an employee. It's just frusterating :(


Lei said...

lol sunny!

Emily said...

sunny; i get so peeved when i see someone just pulling in to a handicapped stall (when they're not handicapped & have no placard). it's obvious they think they're going to just run in and out, but nevertheless, you are using a space meant for handicapped people! how dense can you get?

just had to share my little pet peeve, as it is along the same lines. :)

Sunny said...

oooh Emily that is along the same lines. They have those special spots and restrooms for a reason --- and if it doesn't address you, leave it alone :)

taffi said...

Oooohh, I dealt with that the other day at Target. Little Man was stinky, and both Sweet Girl and I needed to use the facilities, too, and I had two bags of stuff. I waited for several minutes outside the family restroom, muttering "just a few more minutes, honey" several times, and when the door finally opened, it was a stinkin' employee... literally. When I walked in there I about gagged! LOL