How to do the EGG DROP ... Kindergarten Style

First, ask for their preconceived ideas. SuperBoy decided a paper bag would work ... so we tried it.

Oops! Scrambled egg anyone?

Hmm, how about a plastic bag?

Um, less effective.

So we discussed the egg hitting the ground. I pushed his arm, and asked if he felt it, then I gave him a pillow, and pushed the same place, but with a pillow between us. SuperBoy decided that to be safe, his egg needed a pillow between it and the cement.

So, we got started.

Step one: memory foam with egg shape hollowed out.

Second Step: the foam in the middle of a popcorn-filled bucket.

Third step, Balloons for as egg-protecting air bags.

now we just needed a trial run. First SuperBoy threw it off the edge of daddy's truck bed.

Then Daddy threw it high, and it went WAY up, then WAY down!

Time to see if the trial run was successful.

That is one beautiful whole egg!

Today, SuperBoy's egg was the FIRST to be tested.

And it worked!!!!

Not to mention that the kindergartners snuck an unplanned snack from the egg-protecting popcorn.

Egg Drop: Successful!!!


Snigger Fam said...

Wow, that's great! What a cool photo essay. And a smart kid!

Lei said...

what fun! i remember doing that, only in 6th grade, lol! kids are getting smarter younger, i guess! :P

utmommy said...

What a smart mom you are!