Utah radio station disrespects a military wife ...

For the more detailed story of what happened, read Em's blog

I am so upset that This radio station, KBull 93, is too worried about their image, than actually doing the good deeds they claim to do. If KBull offered movie tickets to families of deployed military to show how compassionate the station is, then they had BETTER bend over backwards when they let a sweet military wife fall through THEIR system's cracks. And when her friends rally around her, because not only is it a hard time for her having her husband return back to War, but then the station drops the ball, and causes her additional stress, DO NOT the attack the sweet "tickets recipient" for the choices of her friends to question the station's integrity and loyalties. KBull 93 should be ashamed of themselves. Seriously ashamed. They are acting as an insult to all country radio stations, and should reform quickly.

Yes, dear friends ... don't mess with the housewife "B****es". Especially when you were insensitive to their friend who just said farewell to her deployed husband. Shame on you Kbull. Shame on you. I think my soul threw up because of you.


Awesome Mom said...

That was so rude of them!!! When will people learn that being nice never hurts anyone and will make you more lifelong customers.

Emily said...

that's crazy. i read over at emlouisa's about the whole thing. i live in SLC (maybe you do too, i don't know), and KBULL is always talking about supporting the troops, and their families. it's just awfully hypocritical for this soldier's wife to have been treated this way. very disappointing.