Where is the snow?

I love Christmas time ... hot cocoa, Christmas Carols, gift wrap, ribbon and bows atop the gifts, shopping, and being with family.

AND I love snuggling up with hot cocoa, watching the snow fall outside with the Nutcracker Suite playing in the background.  There's just one thing cramping my style.  There is NO snow.  Not a single bit.  I am missing the snow.  I didn't grow up in cold places, so I didn't really expect a white Christmas back then.  But now, having lived in a place with four seasons for 10 years, I want my white Christmas (stomp foot, stick out pouty bottom lip).  humph.

We are headed to Colorado in a couple weeks, so hopefully they are having better luck with the snow than I am having, sigh.  


As if to make me laugh at myself, an hour after I typed this post, it began to snow.   

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