Drama ... grab some popcorn.

I received this "motivational thought" from my dad, the day after he was in court trying to get out of giving my mother ANY money (btw, did you know that infidelity means NOTHING in a divorce?!  That just makes me sick):


How is one to respond to that?  I laughed for the first two days.  I couldn't see how it could have been more absurd or ridiculous.  

I finally responded with my true feelings.  


Hmm ... he "loves me, like he always has" ... but cheats on my mother?  Chooses "the other woman" when asked to choose between his family or his girlfriend.  Wow, thanks for all the love.  If only that's even ALL he had been up to.  It's sad when you wish there had been only ONE affair.

He is toxic.  I am torn between giving myself permission to voice my feelings, and just writing him off as the creep he is choosing to be.  Even my therapist is just sickened by the things my dad is choosing to do and say to everyone.


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