Red Table?

Do you have, or know anyone who has a RED KITCHEN TABLE ?  We have a beat up, but insanely sturdy pine table that I want to re-finish.  For some rediculous reason, I want to paint it RED.  Not like a fire engine, rather shabby chic, with some distressing RED.  

Hubby is less than thrilled with the idea.  He thinks that if I'm so faint over the color red, I ought to just paint the table legs.

Anyone have a red table I could show my sweet hubby a photo of?  

Or am I just crazy?  (feel free to answer!)


Awesome Mom said...

You are nuts! jk!

Lei said...

Well you knwo what I'm going to say.

Oh were you waiting for me to confirm it? Lol. JUST DO IT! Sounds really fun!

Rachel said...

I painted all the cupboards in my kitchen (in Utah) black and distressed them. It was not too far out - I had seen dressers done like that. But everyone including my M in L thought it was going to be terrible. I did it anyway and it turned out just how I wanted AND everyone that came over commented on how much they liked them ( i think they were being honest) ... plus I think it helped the house sell. So go with your idea it will probably become the favorite piece in your house.

Rachel said...

this might not HELP your case by i think it is awesome http://www.potterybarn.com/products/p9504/index.cfm?cm_src=rel