Expedit, aka Ikea Cubbies

Remember when I was jealous of all the awesome craft rooms on Flicker?  Well, soon I will have my own cool crafting area!

We got the Ikea Expedit shelfs, and I asked my husband to help me when he got home.  He jokingly said "I have to work *really* late today", so I sent him this cartoon I found on Wasted Talent:
Luckly it was MUCH easier to put together than the comic portrays!  It took some definite muscle on hubby's part, but it only took about 15-20 minutes.  What I don't understand is WHY doesn't ikea include an allen wrench that can go into our electric drill?!  

Now I am organizing the room, filling the shelves with all my craftiness - it's WONDERFUL!

Next to assemble is the Expedit desk, which will go to the side of the shelves to give me some workspace, and a place for my sewing machine.   Hopefully, when all is assembled, I will have a wonderful space to CREATE!

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