We're moved!

We finally got ourselves moved in.  The walk through was awful - we ended up having a cleaning crew work on the bathrooms, while my SIL and I cleaned everything else.  I'm so NOT a clean freak ... but there's something about not being able to see through a glass shower door.

We love our new ward.  Just love it.

The kids should start school next week.  I need to get them registered ... but which school?!  The closest one to us isn't actually OUR school ... our street is the dividing line - so we could request to be in that school anyways.  DH and I are going by the other school tonight to see how far it is, and all that.

The house needs painted.  I need good color sugestions.  Everything is bland white ... except for two of the bathrooms and one living room wall ... someone got creative with faux-texturing.  The family room & kitchen were also painted this weird gray color that is kind of depressing.  I think the laundry/mud room is begging to be yellow.  I also need a good neutral tan color - any suggestions?

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B.B. Woolf said...

Yellow is always good for laundry rooms and kitchens. I personally like burgundy/dark dark pink for dining rooms and greens or light khaki colors for most other things.