We're picking paints for our house.  After 5 different colors painted on the walls, our family room is going to be Behr "Mother Nature"

I've now found the PERFECT color for Princess & AngelBaby's room:  Kittery Point Green from Pottery Barn Kids, by Benjamin Moore.  Princess loves pink, AngelBaby loves purple - I think the green will be the perfect color to coordinate everything together.


Now I just have to find the perfect tan for most the rest of my house, a gorgeous yellow for my laundry room, and a nice color for SuperBoy's StarWars room.

Any ideas for the StarWars room paint color?



Faith said...

Fun! How are you going to do the painting? I have been pouring over various faux painting idea books and am going to have to paint many an idea board before I will be able to make up my mind for how to do our walls. Maybe by the time we are ready to sell I will have it just right. =-)

Sheree said...

Ohh, I love that green. I wish I'd seen that before. That really is perfect.