More about horses!

AngelBaby started riding lessons today.  Her lesson was right after Princess's lesson.  We've learned that Princess can balance better riding bareback - she tends to hold onto the horn or pommel if she has a saddle. She was trotting, and even did a couple very small jumps with Pepper.  Then it was her turn to watch!

When it was AngelBaby's turn, she stool next to the teacher, and said "Leg up, please!"  The teacher looked surprised, and said "You want to ride bareback on your first try?!"  She did!  She fell off once, due to a stable hand making the horse turn unexpectedly, but she landed on her feet, and immediately asked for a leg-up, lol!  AngelBaby did amazingly well, she trusted the horse and already understood some of the terms from watching her sister ride.  She even let Pepper walk over the jumps a couple times, all bareback!

Of all the sports and activities our girls could choose to do, I'm so glad they love horses!  Ponytails, blue jeans and helmets are the fashion, and some extra benefits include improved posture and balance, plus a boost in personal confidence and compassion for living animals.

I asked SuperBoy if he wanted to start riding, and he looked at me, and said "uh no thanks."  I guess I've gotta find him another Karate studio, lol!

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Jordan said...

What beautiful girls you have! Love the pics!