The Little Things

No one thinks bedrest is easy.  But when it goes on (and on and on), its the little things you miss the most.  I've been on bedrest for almost 7 weeks, and have 5 weeks to go.  I miss doing the grocery shopping - we've got some basic food in the house, but I miss having options of fruits and snacks and all that!  I miss *real* food ... the kind you cook yourself ... even if it comes from a package or box.  I miss walking to get the mail.  I miss sitting on the porch while the kids play.

Once the bedrest is over, I'm going to have to be careful to not over-do the things I miss! (3 hours shopping at Target anyone?).  But I'm ready to make my grocery list, and come home with fresh apples!

On the flip side, its also the little things that we are being blessed with - I can't complain too much, because we are so very blessed!!!  Neighbors who ask to help often, family who rearrange their lives to carpool my kids, and friends who send bordom-buster care packages.

Yep, bedrest stinks, but LIFE is good!


Bethany said...
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Anonymous said...

I totally know what you mean I am on bed rest for the first 12 weeks and get a couple weeks off of it and then back again till the end of the pregnancy. SO be lucky you only have 7 weeks I pretty much have 40 weeks of bedrest. Not fun at all

Jordan said...

That made me laugh about Target- who doesn't LOVE that store?!?! I hope the last 5 weeks go by quickly for you...then you get to hold that sweet baby girl :)