Why the next 4 1/2 weeks DO matter ...

... and why its so important I behave and stay on bedrest:

SuperBoy - my 38 weeker

Healthy as can be, weighed 8lbs 11oz, and he came home from the hospital with me, just like babies are supposed to!


Next was Princess, my 35 weeker

Only 5 weeks early, and weighed 5lbs15 oz, but her lungs collapsed. She was on the vent, dosed with lung surfactant, had jaundice, and couldn't breathe enough to even cry.  She was in the NICU for a week, then home with an oxygen tank for 2 months.  We've been so blessed that she's now a very healthy 7 year old!


AngelBaby, my 36 weeker:

She was only 4 weeks early, and weighed 7lbs 2oz ... but her lungs collapsed too.  On the vent, dosed with lung surfactant, a little bit of jaundice, and some traumatizing experiences with one particular nurse.  She was in the NICU for less than a week, then came home with an oxygen tank for 2 weeks.  


Dear Little SweetPea 

... stay in there and cook, okay?  I'm gonna be good and stay in bed and fight this pre-eclampsia as best I can. I'm going to go to all these non-stress-tests and ultrasounds and doctors appointments, and even though it seems like a bit much, I'm gonna do it all for you.  I'll do my best, and you do yours.  I want you to be nice and healthy, and I want to hear you scream and cry and show off your lungs when you're born, okay?  Deal?  I love you Little Sweet Pea!

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I'm keeping you in my prayers