Sigh ...

I think that the depression is starting to kick in.  Except that the baby isn't even here yet.  What is PPD when its pre-PPD?  I'm ready to go back on non-pregnancy approved meds and get back to normal.  The weirdest things make me cry, and I'm so over-sensitive the past week.  I totally am not someone who gets offended easily ... but I've been letting my feelings get hurt so much lately.  It's extra hard, because I don't have the ability to do things myself, and people have their own lives, so I feel like I just add stress to everyone.

One big relief - the amnionic fluid was back up at our last appointment, so we're still shooting for a 37 week delivery.  I'm ready for the next 4 weeks to zoom by.  Unfortunately, these last few weeks are seeming to drag by the slowest.  Having to go to the Dr / hospital 3x a week is adding to the slow passing.  I think time seems to go by faster when you have appointments every 2 weeks ... instead of each appointment being a milestone, its just yet another appointment of the week, over and over again in the same milestone.

I just keep telling myself that 4 weeks can't last forever!


Kermit~the~Frog said...

It's called antepartum depression, and I am sorry it is rearing its ugly head.

Yay for increased fluid! You can make it, E.

Angela said...

I love you Elozia. I wish I were closer, I would come and clean your house for you in a heartbeat. You can do it- 4 weeks will pass by quicker then you realize, and then you'll have a sweet baby in your arms. --HUGS--