4th of July Pictures 2006

This year marked a first in our lives as overprotective parents. We did our own fireworks and sparklers ... though I must admit I was holding my breath the whole time.

Our fourth of July started pretty mellow, and ended up quite fun. We had MIL over for dinner & fireworks. MIL looked great, considering she's been in the hospital a couple times the past couple weeks, heaven bless her. Anyhow, we were going to BBQ burgers and hotdogs, but wouldn't you know - it started raining! We tried the grill anyways, but the wind kept blowing our pilot light out, so we gave up, and grilled the burgers at the stove. We had burgers, chips, veggies, salad, and bananas. MIL brought bananas, then appologized since we already had a bunch. I just laughed, because I know how fast bananas go in my house. Out of 3 large bunches we had 4 days ago ... we now have none. Anyways, then we finished it off with good american brownies and ice cream.

It wasn't close to being darkat that point, but the wind had died down completely, and the ground had dried from the rain, so we grabbed the opportunity and had a little piro-technics. Everyone loved the fireworks, except AngelBaby, who clung to me, hiding her face ... peeking out of unavoidable curiousity every few seconds before burying her head away in my shoulder.

It was a fun evening though, especially once the sparklers were finished, and I could stop holding my breath in motherly fear. Afterward tucking kids in bed, we watched a movie with MIL, a soap-opera-made-movie, which was so dumb it was almost cute.

We had a great time, and I must say that with no firework mishaps, the evening was an absolute success.

IN OTHER NEWS .... I found someone snooping on my computer the other day, and had to share:

See DH, I'm not the only one addicted to CyberSpace!!!


QueenMeadow said...

How did your kids get so big!?! wow.

They are adorable, looks like a fun night. And ROFL at your cat, such a snoop ;)

MusicalMom said...

It sounds like you had a blast!

I missed fireworks because I was invited to play songs with that musical group I blogged about.

It was probably a good thing, because my kids probably did sparklers and those scare the snot out of me when they're being waved by a dozen little kids.

Emily said...

thanks for visiting my blog! love the cute 4th of july pictures; it looks like they had a great time! also, i read down for a while, and also think your new haircut is ADORABLE! i'm impressed that you did it yourself! i'll be back. :)

Valarie said...

Your kids are adorable. I'm in the paranoid, over-protective parent group, too. I think we'll stick to watching others do it.

hmmm, we need a new spy. I can't believe the cat got caught. ;)

Taffi said...

Your kids are just so adorable!!!!

Rachau said...

Your kids are so cute.
I also love your little spy !To cute.

Char said...

Oh my goodness your kids have gotten big! CUTE!!!!

Hope you don't mind me stopping by.