Funny Princess!

Princess tends to be very solemn when she speaks, her eyes wide and serious as she talks.  Unfortunately, sometimes all that seriousness can make things even more comedic ... enhanced by her trouble with "r" and a missing front tooth that makes her "S" sound soooo cute.  Her "for" sounds like "foe", and "silly" has the slightest "sthilly".  It's pretty adorable.

Friday Night, Princess asked me very seriously:
"Mom, what's for dinner ... Or are you planning on starving us again?"

Me: "Princess, what are you going to be when you grow up?" (Now the LAST time I asked the same thing, the reply was "a ballerina princess")

(quiet thinking for a moment) 
"Either a Baker ... 

("or a candlestick maker." DH chuckled under his breath) 

"or a animal doctor - what's that word?" 
(Veterinarian, I suplied) 
"Right a veterinarian. I was also thinking about being a Suess."

A "Suess"

Oh, a writer like Dr Suess?  With some questioning she clarified that a "Suess" was someone who gives massages. 

At least she has options ;)


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