I've been MIA

It's been an overwhelming month.  My days have been uneventful, but busy.  I lay down to sleep, and my mind races as it tries to sort through the situations we're facing.  

We spent Christmas at my Mom's house.  I love my mom.  Our kids slept in the sitting room of the master suite, and loved being in Nana's room.  AngelBaby woke up almost every night.  At first, she'd wander down the hall to our room, but by the end of our stay, she'd see she was in Nana's room, and happily stay put.  

Christmas was actually very peaceful and happy, despite what we were all dealing with.  My dad used Christmas as a time to call and ream on my brother about student health insurance.  I answered the phone, and he didn't even say hi.  I seem to forget that the man who was my dad is gone.  That man wouldn't be so hurtful to his children.  I forget that some body-snatcher has replaced MY dad, with some one else.  He sounds like my dad, but he is unkind, petty, and a self-serving narcissist.  I wonder if MY dad is gone, or has just been shoved into the corner of his body, being suffocated by the evil soul who has taken him over.  Have you read The Host, by Stephenie Meyer?  That's sort of how I picture this situation ... except MY dad isn't fighting to keep himself there.

Okay, so back to my MIA-status the past few weeks.  New Years came.  I DID make a resolution.  Just one resolution.  I am getting my home organized this year.  Every two weeks I will tackle a new room / space.  The first project was the entry-way closet.  It's been hideous - shoved to the brim with stuff.  Coats, tupperwares, a sewing table, a quilting frame, DH's hunting gear, the kids various shoes ... not pairs, just shoes.  That was just the top layer ;)  So, the closet got an overhaul.  It now functions.   Being in the entry, it is considered a "coat closet".  Well, I helped it's simple dream come true:
It may look chaotic, but it is now organized chaos.  One bin for each child's shoes.  Plenty of hooks for coats, backpacks, dog leashes, and the random dog sweater.  A shoe organizer for the grown-ups.  Bins above for extra storage.  Storage for the puppy's food.  It's all in there!  And it's easy to find.  I got the bins & shoe rack at Target, and the dog-food bin, black bins, and 4 racks of hooks at Ikea.  It was the most gratifying money I have spent in a while!

I haven't decided what space is next week's project. Heaven knows every bit of space in my house needs an overhaul ;)

So, I guess that catches you up to today.  It's friday, which means I am counting down the hours until I get a full weekend of snuggling next to my husband ... sticking my cold toes next to his warm toes, and watching classic movies.  I suppose we'll hang out with the kids too.  The kids are dying to get out into the snow outside, and play till they turn into icicles.  It will be a good weekend.  Just the kind of weekend I love.


The Mathews Four said...

That is one organized (and downright sexy... *wink*) closet you've got there! Good job! "One room at a time" has been my mantra this last year. It actually works! Good job and good luck!

Rachel said...

woW that is a clean organized closet! I love it