I was walking through Sears today when the song "Father of Mine" came on over the speakers.  I was trying not to cry, when AngelBaby asked why I was sad.  Before I could answer, she said "Is it cuz your father? Is Nana sad too?"  I quickly reassured her, that while I might feel sad, I am happy because I have my family in my life, and because I have a wonderful AngelBaby.  She took that answer, and drifted off into talking about buying the dog a new toy.  I didn't drift off though.  I wonder how much of my hurt and sadness washes over onto my children.  I thought I was doing pretty well at hiding my sadness, but my children are just much more intuitive than I give them credit for.  After telling me all about the toy she thinks the puppy needs, AngelBaby reached over to give me a kiss, and a "heart hug" ... putting her head to listen to my heart, while giving big hugs.  I forgot about the song, and welled up from the love I receive so regularly.  She always has been my little Angel.  


The Mathews Four said...

I have been thinking about you so much lately. I hope that time can heal your heart. I'm glad you realize how many people love and admire you. You are such a wonderful and positive influence on so many others. ((HUGS))

Anonymous said...

((hugs)) It's such a blessing that kids are so intuitive. They know just when mom needs a hug or a break. I think of you often.