Our Love Story: Part 8

Part 8

After saying goodbye to my roommate, I sat on my bed, and began another difficult goodbye. I stared down at the airmail letter form, and prayed that I would know what to tell the missionary. I felt so bad, knowing that I would be breaking a heart. I decided to make the letter short, and to the point. I had fallen in love with someone else, and was going to marry him. I wished the missionary all the best, and prayed that he would forgive me and move on. I sealed the letter, crying softly. It was late, far past curfew time for the apartments, but I snuck out, and down to the common room, where I slipped the letter into the outgoing mail slot. There was no going back now.

School was out for Thanksgiving, and my roommate K and I were going to be on the same flight to California. The morning we were to leave, I dragged my feet, not wanting to say goodbye to J. After all, we would be apart for 5 full days, and we were used to being together every day. I cried getting on the shuttle to the Idaho Falls airport. J kissed me, and assured me that the time would go quickly. I got on the shuttle next to K, and sniffled pitifully. K rolled her eyes at my twitterpation. The drive to the airport was about 40 minutes, and as we arrived at the airport, I was still moping. We grabbed our luggage, and entered the little airport. We checked in, and waited. A couple minutes went by, and I heard my name being called. I turned around, and there stood J, his blue eyes crinkling with his smile. I giggled and ran over to him. He wrapped me up in a bear hug, and told me that he was watching the shuttle drive away, and realized he wasn't done saying “see-you-later”. I abandoned my roommate with our luggage, and walked with J. The airport was extremely small, but there was a little gift shop that we wandered through. I picked up a soft stuffed puppy dog, and turned to J, trying to mimic the puppy eyes. “I'm going to miss you.” I whined. J leaned down and kissed me. “It's not for long.” I put the stuffed animal down, and we wandered out into the airport. I ran to the ladies room, and when I came out, J was waiting for me, with a package in his hands. He reached into the package, and pulled out the stuffed puppy. “This is for you. Whenever you miss me, just give him a hug and remember that I love you!” I glanced over at K, who rolled her eyes at me again. I grinned at her, threw my arms around J, and kissed him soundly.   

To Be Continued ...  PART 9 HERE

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